Saturday, November 10, 2012

1 Year Bibbulmun Anniversary

      Most people are so afraid of death that they never get a chance to live. - Me

         One year ago Today I finished a hike that stretched a thousand kilometres across the south west of Australia. It took me 46 days of continuous non stop walking, whilst carrying all my food and living necessities. I set out with no particular reason to accomplish such a feat other than the knowledge of either achieving or to be defeated. The result being so rewarding it changed my life and influenced me to live, love, and laugh in a manner of simplicity. Bellow is the last journal entry I made on day 45 before reaching the end of an incredible journey. That piece of literature also marks the first time I've ever written publicly and opened up to the scrutiny of the world. Also attached is a photo-biography of the trip from start to finish. - click any photo to play video

 Day 45
 Last track shelter before Albany

Title - The end of the beginning.
        It's been said that everyone on the bib track is out here doing it for their own unique reasons. I've met people who have illnesses that leave no guarantee of life tomorrow. I've met people who have quit their life long careers with no guarantee of a paycheck next month. I've met people have always dreamt of completing the bib track with no guarantee of ever finishing it. Whatever the reason it may be that drives one to conquer such an obstacle, it appears we all share a common interest. Out on the the streets these interaction would not exist but here on the bib track where real life seems to vanish into a myth, these relationships are born as we are all equals among these hills.
Unlike my fellow companions I hadn't a particular reason to complete and end to end and I was somewhat distraught as Albany slowly crept up in regards to not coming to some sort of out of body spiritual awakening or fighting some sort of terminal illness. With that in mind it only takes a moment for me to look back on the pat 46 days and remember all the friends made, the things observed, and the obstacles overcome. I'm a man that practices no religion and follows no politics but I'm bound to my morals and strong with my faith. My belief is living life to the fullest as too many people preach and so very few follow. I've realized how there is no better way to see a country than to trek through the heart of it. Sleeping under it's skin, sucking up it's breath, drinking it's blood, and crawling up and down it's spine. This may be the end of the track but marks the beginning of a passion that runs thick in my veins. Leaving Kalamunda with the intent to satisfy an itch, I've managed only to infect my mind with new adventures that draw the the whites of my mothers eyes.
The bib track is not what concern's me, it's the following adventure that needs to out do the last. 

I see the Appalachian Trail upon my horizon as I leave the wind of the Bib to my aft. My pack is on for I can't prolong. I take one more whiff of tranquility, one foot in front of the other and I'm off to Albany.

Bibbulmun Track End to End 2011 - Joe Oster

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